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Big Game Multi-Day Hunt Options

Choose between our top-tier big game hunts here in Washington state. Weather you have drawn a special tag or have an over-the-counter, we are here to give you the hunt of a lifetime. 

If you want to book with us, Please Call -

(509) 366-4849

Whitetail Rifle Hunt - $2000

Our whitetail rifle hunts center in the Spokane wa area. Any buck is mainly blind hunting with easy access for the elderly, kids, and disabled. We gut and skin the deer and take care of everything for you. 


Elk Hunt - $3000

Whether you need to hunt with your special draw tag in Eastern Wa GMU's or if you are just looking for an over-the-counter tag. We will take you on a hunt of a lifetime with great elk calling and knowledge of where the elk reside. 


Moose Hunt - $3000

This hunt is a special draw only for Washington State. Specializing in Mt. Spokane areas, huckleberry, 49 degrees north, Selkirk, and Cheney. We have many experienced guides watching where these moose are at all times. 


Black Bear Hunt - $3000

More of a rigorous hunt hiking hills in the huckleberry patches all while having a great experience with a great opportunity at a trophy bear. 


Goldendale Hunt Packages - $3000

Mule Deer/ Black Tail Archery $3000 (3pt or better)

Option of 2 RV Trailers, each sleeps 3.

You can also choose a turkey hunt for $400

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